About School

Royal Higher Primary School Established in the Year 2003, Never complacent, RHP School has always shown exponential growth in every area and today, we are one school that practice a system of inclusive education. Our highly qualified team of Special Educators ensures that children with diverse needs are given individual attention.

This is also one of a handful of schools where children who have special needs spend the maximum possible time with their peers – forging relationships, navigating new challenges and being given the best of both, specialized instruction and the proverbially precious school years. Here, at RHP School we make all available platforms as fertile as possible in order to enable growing talents to flourish and thrive.


Our mission is to educate, engage and empower each student by providing learning environment, qualified teachers, and infrastructure with latest technology.


Our Vision: is to be the best school in providing world class education through holistic approach with global standards.

Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed., PGDHE (PHD)

Our President

School education is undergoing sweeping changes keeping pace with the rapid progress in information technology. Education is no longer merely providing knowledge or information on any subject. We do not limit our teaching to the four walls of the classrooms. A holistic view of education leads children to develop an open-minded perspective on life.

We equip our students with 21st-century skills so that they are able to face the challenges of real life. We also introduce 21st-century innovative teaching methods such as integrated teaching, thematic learning, problem-based learning, STEM education, experiential learning, etc. Students who learn through such interactive methods think analytically at a higher level and independently solve the problems in their daily life. It is worth remembering the famous maxim, “If you give me a fish, I shall eat for a day. If you teach me to fish, I shall eat for a lifetime.”

Student-centred learning is given great importance in our teaching process. Students get opportunities to conduct research and present their assignments and projects. We train our students to become independent thinkers to find pragmatic solutions to problems. Here, the teacher takes the role of a facilitator and mentor, never giving readymade answers to their students. Teaching as a spoon-feeding process would only hamper the development of a child. Rabindranath Tagore said, “Child is not a vessel to be filled in, but a lamp to be lighted.”

Our management has been very generous in providing excellent facilities for the all-round development of our students. The campus is nestled on a hillock far from the milling crowd and free from the hustle and bustle of the city. The serene surroundings and vibrant green environs provide a soothing touch to tender hearts throughout the day. GMVPS campus is truly a home away from home. We invite all our young learners to be partakers of this exciting journey of learning with fun and frolic free from all forms of fear.